Excelência  no  desporto

Excellent for sports

Cork is an 100% natural and organic product harvested from the quercus suber oak trees.

Due to its unique structure, cork has a low thermal conductivity allowing turf to remain at a  cooler temperature up to less 35º Fahrenheit compared to the traditional sand and rubber systems.

It is excellent for sports because of its resistance to friction, making it softer to the touch, reducing the risk of injury on impact with the ground.

Treat yourself with the best organic, chemical free product.



Cortiça portuguesa na Semana de Moda de Londres

Portuguese cork at London Fashion Week


The cork oak bark has been the material of choice for Portugal to symbolize the utopia of ecological sustainability in the International Fashion Showcase.

The Portuguese cork will be highlighted in Week London Fashion, which began yesterday, the 18th, and runs until February 23, during which the Portuguese Marques'  Almeida will present on show his collection for next autumn / Winter.

The cork bark was the material chosen by Portugal to symbolize utopia of ecological sustainability in the International Fashion Showcase (IFS), an initiative of the British Council and the British Fashion Council involving 24 invited countries.

The event, which is part of the official calendar of Fashion Week and serves as a platform for emerging designers, has the theme this year "Utopias Fashion", evoking the book "Utopia" by Thomas More, published 500 years ago, refers to information provided by the Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal (AICEP).

There will be exposed creations Estelita Mendonça, HIBU, KLAR, Pedro Neto and UNT.

In the official space of Fashion Week, the building Brewer Street Car Park, the Portuguese fashion will be represented by Alexandra Moura, Carla Pontes, Daniela Barros and Susana Bettencourt, a "showroom" (exhibition space) sales.

The Portuguese presence culminates with the parade on Tuesday the fall / winter of Marques' Almeida, founded by the duo Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida. "